BK Stanz- und Umformtechnik


Transfer and progressive tools are used to die-cut, deep-draw, cut, raise and fold metals parts. With our die-cutting and forming technology we manufacture steel parts with a thickness between 0,3 – 5,0 mm and high grade steel parts between 0,15 – 2,5 mm thick.
We primarily but not exclusively produce complex parts on presses with drawing cushions and parts that need an automated transfer process.

Range of services and products:

  • Die-cutting, deep-drawing and folding parts manufactured on manual tools or automated progressive and transfer tools
  • Part production with third-party or customer owned tools

Our machinery is aimed at parts produced on progressive and transfer tools with a maximum tool length of 4000 mm.

To meet our clients’ requirements in the best way possible, we expand and modernise our stock of machinery frequently – e.g. in 2012 we made an investment in a new 630 t framed deep-drawing press

Our new additions to the plant in 2016 were a servo press by Aida with a press table size of 4000 x 1500 mm, a nominal force of 8000 KN and two hydraulic drawing cushions and a new cleaning system by EMO which holds commercial lattice boxes and cleans with modified alcohol.

A second AIDA servo press was acquired in 2021 with a table size of 4000 x 1500 mm, a nominal force of 8000 KN and one hydraulic drawing cushions.


Our experts in the design and construction department are equipped with the latest data processing and transfer systems.



Tool Making

We manufacture all types of complex tools, primarily for the automotive, engineering and building industry.


Sheet Metal Production

In our manufacturing plant, we use progressive, transfer and manual tools with a length of up to 4000 mm for the part production.

3D Laser Technology

As well as offering laser machining to create fast and cost-effective prototypes and small series, flexible laser processing can also be commissioned.